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Datevine’s Cauliflower Hotel hosted event featured on SydSocial

Dating 101**
The DateVine Singles Rooftop Party

Those of you who read my last review of The DateVine will already know about my crippling fear of rejection, but for the rest of you, let me briefly summarise my experience…

Girl gets asked to write a restaurant review, girl agrees. Girl finds out ‘restaurant review’ is actually a group dating event. Girl endures mild freak-out and briefly considers staging own death. Girl eventually grows a pair and decides to brave the daunting prospect of actually conversing with other humans in a vaguely date-like setting. Girl has a fantastic time and decides to spread the gospel of The DateVine for like-minded date-o-phobes (and invents new word).

And that brings us to today…

So let me tell you about The DateVine. It’s a pretty simple concept to be honest – you put your phone away, turn up to a local restaurant and actually talk to people. You know, face to face, like in the olden days B.T (before Tinder).

Dating without swiping…what a novel idea!

Keely Sontag, the founder of The DateVine is hell bent on getting singles out and about and meeting old-school style. She arranges dinner parties across Sydney where equal numbers of men and women turn up to enjoy a meal together. You can bring one or two friends along if you’re shy and there’s a seat swap half way through dinner so you get a chance to talk to everyone. It’s all super chilled and nothing like the usual cringeworthy speed, blind or app dating.

The DateVine has already become very popular and is fast spreading across the country. And this Thursday (18th May), there’s an extra special rooftop dinner party happening right here in Sydney.

The dinner will be hosted by The Forgotten Cask Rum and Cocktail Bar on the top level of The Cauliflower Hotel in Waterloo. A vibrant yet intimate rooftop bar that kind of looks like a classier version of ‘Cocktail’ (the 1980s Tom Cruise movie), this is the perfect setting to let go of your dating hang-ups and just relax amongst friendly singles.

The Forgotten Cask Rum and Cocktail Bar

So give up the pointless swiping, grab your mates and get in line for The DateVine.

Tickets start from $51 per person, plus booking fee, and include a 2-course Caribbean-style meal and welcome cocktail.


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Datevine’s Cauliflower Hotel hosted event featured on SydSocial

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