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All Things Rum

here at The Forgotten Cask

The Forgotten Cask.
We are so all about rum, we even named ourselves after one!

The Forgotten Cask gets it’s name from the St. Lucian Chairman’s Reserve range “The Forgotten Casks”.

We are all about Rum! We have scoured far and wide to bring you the biggest and most impressive range of rums. All we ask is that you make sure to try something new!

A Brief History of rum

During the 17th century in the Caribbean, sugar farming was widespread and a major source of income.

There was one issue; once the sugar cane which was harvested was boiled, it would leave a viscous liquid by-product. This by-product was molasses.

Having no practical use at the time, the molasses produced was half of the amount of sugar created. The plantation owners fed the molasses to their cattle and the slaves, but this still left a large amount left over. With no use for the molasses, plantation owners dumped the ‘waste’ into the ocean.

Eventually, someone figured out that mixing the molasses with liquid skimmed off the cane juice, and fermenting it created a starting point for distillation – and the liquor that this distillation produced became known as Rum.