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The Datevine’s Singles Rooftop Party

Good food, great cocktails and chilling out with similarly minded people

When I was bartending, a lovely lady gave me her number over the bar. My manager, having seen the smooth exchange, turned to me a said, “I didn’t think people met like that anymore!” It gets to feeling like that in Sydney’s dating scene, with so many first contacts with a potential flame coming through the simple swipe of a finger.

Keely Sonntag, the brains behind The Datevine, is looking to chuck that notion away — or at least provide an alternative. Instead of checking out a bunch of pictures and making a snap judgment, The Datevine is all about getting together in a fun environment and just simply seeing what happens. You know, social interaction. There’s no pressure, no expectation, just some single people maybe or maybe not hanging out together.

The Datevine is hosting their first rooftop party in May, booking out the Forgotten Cask Rum and Cocktail Bar on top of the Cauliflower Hotel in Waterloo. $51 gets you a two-course Caribbean feast and a cocktail on arrival, plus the opportunity to chill out with similarly minded people. So put the phone down, get out there and meet some people.

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The Datevine’s Singles Rooftop Party


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